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Diners Club International


In 1990, Diners Club International (DCI) became a wholly owned subsidiary of the Citigroup - world's leading financial services organization. DCI has the privilege of sharing the superior technological and other resources of the Citigroup. (www.Citigroup.com)

Global Network

Diners Club International is the world's most experienced charge and credit card program because Diners Club created this industry. Diners Club International is headquartered at Chicago, USA and provides strategic direction to the global network that spans over 200 countries. As a member of the Citigroup, Diners Club International share the resources of superior technology to respond to today's changing business environment.

Of the 49 participants in the global network of DCI organizations, 15 belong to the Citigroup and the remaining 34 are independent financial service providers including banks. Of the total DCI Cards-in-force (CIF), 63% belong to the 15 Citigroup Diners Clubs and 70% of the total sale is given by the same cardmembers.

All these organizations are connected to each other through an online global link.

International Overview


To be the global market leader and the premier provider of
Payment systems for affluent individuals, frequent business
travelers and companies for whom they travel.

Brand Promise

Deliver the best payment systems and information management by offering insightful products and responsive services which are specifically designed for customers and merchant establishments.

Customer Promise

Present a charge card which is Recognized, Rewarding and


Chicago, Illinois

Sales Volume

US$29 Billion in 2003

Global Network

Over 200 countries

Financial Strength

Backed by the leading global financial services organization - Citigroup


8.2 Million Merchants
905,000 ATMs
Cards issued in 54 Local Currencies


More than eight million affluent, frequent traveler Cardmembers worldwide, more than half of the Fortune 500 Companies and leading, MultiNational corporations

DC Milestones

1950 - First Charge Card
1967 - Automatic Air Travel Insurance
1975 - First Corporate Card Program
1981 - Acquired by Citicorp
1984 - Introduced Club Rewards«
1987 - Club Cash« Account for cash advances
1988 - Winner of the 1st "Freddie Award" for Best Frequent Traveler Charge Card Program
1991 - First MultiNational Corporate Card program introduced
1997 - Winner of "Freddie Award" for Best Frequent Traveler Program
2000 - Launched Carte Blanche affinity Charge Card
2002 - Launched Montage Card in the U.S.
2005 - Diners Club cards will be accepted by Mastercard merchants in NA